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Student Academic Success Summit Themes


2010 You Are What You Assess
The eighth annual Student Academic Success Summit (SASS) at Wayne State University (WSU) took place on March 11-12, 2010. This year’s theme emphasized assessment: "You Are What You Assess." It featured guest speaker, Dr. Michael Carter from North Carolina State University (NCSU), and Annemieke Rice from StudentVoice. There was a focus upon our instructional interactions with students, and students’ life outside of class. In addition, relationships between academic and student services tracks were explored with a focus upon assessing and improving student success. View Final Report

2009 Making Teaching Community Property
The seventh annual Student Academic Success Summit (SASS) took place on February 19-20, 2009. The focus for this Summit was "Making Teaching Community Property," and featured guest speakers Dr. David Schoem, director of the Michigan Community Scholars Program & Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan, and Dr. Corly Brooke, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs & Professor of Human Development & Family Studies at Iowa State University. View Final Report

2008 Engaged Learning: Making It Real
The sixth annual Student Annual Success Summit (SASS) took place on March 27-28, 2008. The focus for this Summit was "Engaged Learning: Making it Real", and featured guest speaker Dr. William "Buzz" Alexander, University of Michigan Professor of English Language and Literature. View Final Report

2007 Making our Diversity An Educational Asset:
Keynote Speakers Katrina Wade Golden and John Matlock discussed “ten Core ingredients for Fostering Diversity on Campus” and Katrina Wade Golden presented her study on “the Educational Benefits of Diversity: the Michigan Student Study”. Dr. Frank Wu, Dean of WSU Law School, discussed “Promoting Diversity in a Post Proposal 2 World”. The WSU Diversity Committee will review results and recommendations from the Summit, and schedule a follow up session for fall 2007. View final report

2006 Engaged Learning: A Journey to the Future:
Keynote Speaker Vince Tinto and leading educational speakers Judy Patton and Herman Blake presented at the two-day event, on engaging students inside and outside the classroom in ways that achieve increased academic success. Summit sessions included interactive and motivating discussions for anyone interested in improving student success in higher education. A follow –up session was held in April 2006, with an action plan for the future based on recommendations generated at the Summit. View final report.

2005 Building Vibrant Learning Communities:
Keynote speaker Barbara Leigh-Smith discussed ways in which student learning may be enhanced by being involved in Learning Communities. Colleagues attended concurrent discussion sessions to compare experiences and showcase the effective implementation and best practices of Learning communities at WSU. Th4 conference concluded with a Town Hall meeting to examine how we would further develop learning communities as a tool to promote student success.

2004 First Year and Beyond: Building Momentum toward Success:
Keynote Speaker John N. Gardner shared his expertise in higher education on enhancing the learning, success, retention and graduation of students in transition, especially first-year students.

2003 Real Practices in the Real World:
Keynote speaker Harvard Professor Richard J Light, an expert on student academic success. Event featured 23 concurrent breakout sessions, ranging on topics from utilizing education accessibility services to working with student athletes; a panel discussion sharing perceptions of student success; and a Town Hall meeting.